Unwordy words

Words that are “unwordy” enough to be words. This is a new section I will be giving you for free. Enjoy.

1.juggernaut- a massive advancing force or object that crushes everything in its path.

            Don’t like it. Nothing about Buzz Lightyear and fire torches being tossed.

2.handicap- an anatomical, physiological, or mental deficiency that prevents or restricts normal achievement.

            I’m confused. Sounds more like a nice hat. Like, when did you get that handicap? 3.shoplifter- one who steals goods on display in a store.

            So if it’s inside a vault I’m not a bank robber?

4.gnat- any numerous small, winged insects.

            C’mon, really? That g is more useless than a Condom World inside an abortion clinic.

5.stool- waste matter expelled in a bowel movement.

            Fancy word for shit huh?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this last unwordy word. Stool. I’m guessing the guys at the American Heritage Headquarters had to make a choice. But why stool? Stools are a nice piece of furniture. What would bars be without them? So why call that defenselessly innocent piece of wood, caca? Why not putt? Sounds more like pooping and If you put the p upside down it says butt which is closer to what dropping one is all about.

Source: American Heritage Dictionary 6th edition


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