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the greatest ad this blog writer has ever been in


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Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit(Why you shold poison your friend who got his girlfriend Wii Fit)

In the words of the Zep: “It’s been a long time since some rock and roll”. Unfortunately for you I’m not going to write about the fascinating world of rock and roll. I was just using part of that song as a metaphor* to say I haven’t posted something in a long time. I hope I haven’t lost anyone yet**. What the hell is this half naked, imaginary hula hooping, Wii Fit playing chic phenomenon all about? I get that Wii is a kick ass console, because c’mon people admit it, Nintendo still has some street cred. What I don’t get is this bullshit idea of a gazillion people watching a random girl hula without the hoop while in her undies. What’s even funnier about this “viral vid” is the fact that, behind the camera, was her dumbass boyfriend. His friends must be the type of friends that would react to his video clip as follows:

                “Wow dude! That’s like super fucking radxtreme. Bro this shit will get you a ton of pussy for real, you know what I’m saying?” Let’s call our friends Hunter and Cody and buy some beers and watch some Ultimate Fighting.”

I don’t know how many of you agree with this, to those of you who don’t it’s OK to disagree.*** I admit I saw it once, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I wanted to shoot some detergent into my eyelids by the first 12 seconds, approximately. How can you be proud of prostituting your girlfriend in an extra soft core porn short film?  Any who, I forgot where I was going with this so I’ll just stop.**** here’s the link so you can see for your self

*Metaphor is the scientific word for the number 4.

**Thank you Sanjay Vilishninahunikaruti. My # 1 and only fan.

***Actually fuck you for being so stupid.

****What’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.

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this is amazingly fun and easy

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