Man sues Mars Candy Corporation

A man from Orlando, Florida has just filed a lawsuit against the Mars Candy Corporation  for false and misleading advertising. Harvey Smythe, a 32 year old correctional facility nurse filed his complaint yesterday after he bought a bag of chocolate M&M’s. Mr. Smythe opened his bag and started eating his delicious candy coated chocolate discs when suddenly IT happened. Harvey noticed a small but bright colorful stain on the palm of his hand. When he examined it closer he confirmed what he already knew, the M&M had melted in his hand. Furious, Harvey Smythe then called his lawyer and filed the lawsuit. “When I buy candy I expect it not to melt in my hand, especially if they say it doesn’t” said Mr. Smythe in an interview with The Daily BS. The Mars Corporation has not answered our calls but their lawyer denies the accusations.


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