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Hannah Montana commits suicide

Hollywood, CA (8/22/08 )

Miley Cyrus, known for her succesful Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, was found in a hotel room half dead next to a bottle of sleeping pills.  She was found by one of her bodyguards, on the floor passed out. Miley has been the target of recent controversial photos that have been circulating through the internet which most people say were part of a PR stunt. These recent events have directed a lot of media atention to this young pop star and sources close to her have started to speculate that this new found fame may have been the cause for her recent suicide attempt. One source cited that “Miley hasn’t been herself lately…she had a conversation with someone the other day and left shaken up” It is unclear who this person was but the police report shows that Miley left a note with her reason to commit suicide. We have an exclusive look at Miley’s last words :

“I can’t take it anymore, it’s just too hard. I’ve never been to close to my dad, we started getting close when we started working on Hannah Montana. He told me he was just an actor who knew how to sing, but those were LIES!!! No one ever told me my father wrote and sang Achy Breaky Heart!!! Why him? Why me? Now I must go and it will be my achy breaky heart that will breaky and leave achy no more hearts…”

It is clear now, Miley Cyrus couldn’t hadle the fact that her father wrote such a terrible song with such a terrible dance. Oddly, she didn’t mention her father’s choice of hair style…


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